XART Fingerprint Authentication System

The method of identifying works of art called XART Fingerprint Authentications System® (evolution of the Italian patent "Identification method of paintings") arises from the need to protect works of art, such as paintings, bronzes, silverware, jewellery, ivories etc. - to avoid that they can be duplicated and replaced or to better identify them in case of theft or loss. After years of research in the field of repression of forgery of Cultural Heritage, it has been proved that any visible anti-counterfeiting mechanism can be counterfeited and that only what is invisible can not be altered or copied.Using X-ray properties, rather than infrared or ultraviolet imaging, we are now able to analyze the underlying layers of the visible which, as hidden, will therefore be impossible to duplicate. The owner of the analyzed work of art will receive an "identity card", containing the basic identification data with the result of the necessary scientific analysis.

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